The academy

The Academy is something we at Ultimate Judo are very proud of. The Academy is set up as an educational side of the club, focussing on traditional Judo and learning Judo in more depth.

The academy is an invite-only section where the students attend one extra session a month and commit to a little home study. We learn about Kata, traditional techniques, history of the founder of Judo Jigoro Kano, the history and origins of Judo as well as a little about the culture of Japan. The course culminates with a trip to Tokyo, Japan where we will see some of what we have learned and train at the home of Judo, the Kodokan. A life changing experience.

As far as we are aware, this is the first time a club has set up a dedicated section to learning the traditions of Judo but it is something we feel needs emphasised to keep alive. Judo has a rich and wonderful history which we are very proud of. Judo is very different from every other sport. It is more than a sport and its teachings can be applied to many walks of life and teaches us to contribute to the community. This course will hopefully show that and let the students see the sport from a different angle.

The Academy 50/50 Club

We have a new class enrolling in the Academy for a trip in 2017 and we are looking to raise funds throughout the year for the trip and give the best opportunities we can whilst over there.

As a means of raising money for the Academy, we are setting up a 50/50 Club. Anyone over the age of 16 years, connected with the club is eligible to join. That includes friends and family.

Joining the 50/50 Club is extremely easy, relatively low cost, but something that makes a big difference to the Academy and the trip.

To become a member you agree to pay £5 per month to the Academy for one number (each additional number is £5, you can buy as many numbers as you wish). This should be made via standing order to the Academy’s bank account or 1 year upfront payment (year runs September to September so if joining after September please pay pro-rata). Every month 50% of the money collected goes to the Academy, allowing us to budget for further trips whilst in Japan and also grow the course syllabus on the lead up. The remaining 50% will be given away as prize money to the number drawn. The more people who join the club, the more money we raise for the Academy and the greater the prize money each month.

If 100 numbers are sold, the monthly prize would be £250!

Once we return from Japan 2017, we will look to continue the 50/50 Club using funds raised to offer this opportunity to another intake of members or provide valuable projects to the local communities.

If you would like to become a member of the 50/50 Club, please setup a standing order starting the 1st of the next month (first draw is October 2016), to the following details:

Please use your full name as reference.

We would also require an enrolment form to be filled out so we have the correct contact details for winners. Payment will be made via cheque within 5 days of the draw. Each month, all entrants will be emailed with the amount for the month, winning number and name and other draw information.

Your number(s) will be sent to you via email on successful setup of standard order and submission of form. Draws will take place the first week of each month at a different class each month and will be filmed for verification. Any change of draw date will be emailed in advance.

Thank you for supporting this important project and good luck.

Gordon McCathie

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