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The Academy is something we at Ultimate Judo are very proud of. The Academy is set up as an educational side of the club, focussing on traditional Judo and learning Judo in more depth.

The academy is an invite-only section where the students attend one extra session a month and commit to a little home study. We learn about Kata, traditional techniques, history of the founder of Judo Jigoro Kano, the history and origins of Judo as well as a little about the culture of Japan. The course culminates with a trip to Tokyo, Japan where we will see some of what we have learned and train at the home of Judo, the Kodokan. A life changing experience.

As far as we are aware, this is the first time a club has set up a dedicated section to learning the traditions of Judo but it is something we feel needs emphasised to keep alive. Judo has a rich and wonderful history which we are very proud of. Judo is very different from every other sport. It is more than a sport and its teachings can be applied to many walks of life and teaches us to contribute to the community. This course will hopefully show that and let the students see the sport from a different angle.

Gordon McCathie

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