Train with Tristan

08 February 2021

Aberdeen Judo student Tristan has been busy during lockdown, devising and recording his own workouts for Judo players called Train with Tristan.

Lockdown has been hard for everyone especially our nations youngesters. We put emphasis on setting goals and challenges and staying focussed over lockdown learning. Tristan has taken it upon himself to try and inspire his club mates with Judo circuits designed by himself and recorded at home. 

Lessons are live on the clubs youtube page and have had hundreds of  people train with Tristan.

He has received several messages of support and encouragement. Ex Japanese team member Shinjiro Sasaki sharing the video via his social media, Former world champion and judo legend Neil Adams MBE telling him he is stealing it for his own workout and International Judo federation hall of fame member and 10th Dan, Dr George Kerr CBE showing his support through online messages.

The workouts will be weekly so like and subscribe to the youtube channel to keep up to date

Here's the link to his sessions so far:

session 1

session 2

session 3 - newaza

session 4

so come on, train with Tristan.

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