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Ultimate Judo is a multi award winning Judo club, teaching the martial art and Olympic sport of Judo throughout Aberdeen.

We love encouraging and promoting participation amongst kids and adults all over the North East of Scotland. We hope to provide all our students with a good sound knowledge of judo through our fun and safe environment.

Ultimate Judo is affiliated to our governing body, Judo Scotland and all of our classes are coached by British Judo Association qualified instructors who are first aid and child protection trained.

A message from Ultimate Judo's honorary president, George Kerr:

It is an honour and a privilege to be President of Ultimate Judo. Being part of this progressive Judo club that continues to place an emphasis on the traditional values of Judo is a genuine pleasure. I hold this position in high esteem and will ensure that the club benefits from my vast experience of the sport.

Judo has changed my life and provided me with many opportunities across the globe. In my youth I spent time in Japan learning the key values of Judo, these include courage, self control, Sincerity, Honour, Modesty, Friendship and Politeness. Ultimate Judo exhibit these values in every activity and are true ambassadors of Judo.

It is my belief that those who participate in Judo learn lifelong lessons and contribute positively to their communities. Every child should be given that chance to fulfil their potential both on and off the mat. Having myself reached the pinnacle of Judo I can recommend that your child will be in safe hands with Ultimate Judo and will be given every chance to reach the heights I have been fortunate enough to achieve.

Ultimate Judo is truly an exciting new club, striving to raise participation levels and provide new opportunities within our sport. I am delighted and excited to be play my part in supporting this Ultimate Judo.

Dr. George Kerr, CBE, 10th Dan

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