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We believe Judo offers its students something more than other Martial arts can. It is more than a sport, it is, by design, a form of physical, mental and moral education and teaches skills which are transferrable in all walks of life. The aim of a judoka is self perfection. Our club tries to incorporate the teachings of Kano Jigoro into our classes, whilst keeping it fun and challenging.

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"Judo has helped me massively improved my fitness, stamina, and dedication to a sport that i never thought i'd ever have as an avid reader and "indoor girl".
Every class, and there have been many, i have felt a warm welcome and as though i have become part of a family with lots of laughs, kindness and respect.
Am i a judoka?
No! Im a judo mum, i walk across the city with my judoka son to his classes. He has learnt so many skills that impress me daily. He is disciplined at the sport, in school and (sometimes) at home! His determination to succeed and be a key part of his club is inspiring and has given him a sence of belonging. His happiness means everything to me and judo plays a big part in this!
Gordon has an amazing team that are a credit to his club and i cant thank them all enough!

#Judoislife!, Proud Judo mum of boy aged 9"


"There is something about judoka, they never age; they always smile; and without exception support each other; engaging positively across socio, economic, ethnic, gender, generational, and ability spectrums within the community. Aberdeen Ultimate Judo sets a high standard for others to follow and consistently exceeds its own expectations.

Dr R Preece. Parent"
"Ultimate Judo and particularly sensei Gordon has helped Barbara to focus whilst enjoying. Has made her understand about respect. Has helped canalise her energy and get control. 
Dr Carmen de Andres"
"My son was introduced to Gordon when he came to his school to give a taster session. He came home with a leaflet saying “I have to go it was amazing”. Max went to a taster session and was hooked. Gordon and his team are very welcoming and fun. They show the children about being respectful & listening.  
As max struggles at schools with dyslexia he often is frustrated and feels not good at anything. Joining Gordon and his team has taught him to control his feelings and believe he is good at something. The children are encouraged and have fun and max has made news friends who don’t know the max who struggles at school.
It’s given him confidence he can achieve and he now has improved in his school work as he can focus better and his teacher has noticed he’s more confident at trying. 
I’d highly recommend Gordon and his team they care for the children and 100% dedicated.

Jenny Donald 
Mum or Max aged  7"
"My son has been going to ultimate Judo since he was in p2 now p7. Gordon is a fantastic coach who has a way with the kids so they learn, have fun, and push themselves but importantly do this whilst caring for each other. Lewis has loved judo classes, parties, camps, masterclasses and trying competitions. I cannot recommend Ultimate judo highly enough. Leeanne"
"My son attended his first judo session as a seriously timid and tiny 6 year old who literally hid behind my legs unwilling to even mutter his own name. Everyone thought I was mad (including me!) but he began to talk non stop about Judo & the coaches. Proudly showing anyone willing to watch his new moves. Judo gave him so much confidence and he has gone from strength to strength meeting with children from other clubs, attending masterclasses and generally growing in confidence and determination. 8 years with the club have seen this timid little boy become a young man who believes in himself, has courage, respect and determination. I would 100% recommend ultimate judo to any parent. It is far more than "just a sport'" "
" I think the club & Gordon are doing a great job in teaching core judo skills to children, as well as teaching them values such as respect, dignity and perseverance. I particularly enjoyed last year competition for under 8. It was really nice to see Ezra compete against other children. The judo club during Easter holidays is also very beneficial for children to keep  practising their skills whilst having fun."
“I’d say people should try Judo with Gordon because he teaches you good skills with great banter.
Student, aged 12"
"Ultimate Judo Aberdeen happy new year! In 2019 i have got my 1st dan and i cannot express all my appreciation to Gordon who has inspired me to get to this point. For last few years i was ' distant ' member (having moved to Qatar) but it really didnot matter the spirit of the gentle way to achieve the goal is going to remain with me for life only thanks to Gordon! He is trully inspirational Sensei who believes in what he teaches as well as believes in every person who is about but hesitant to step on mat !
Zaur, adult student"
"Ultimate Judo is a great club. Sensei Gordon Macathie is very knowledgeable and always very helpful. As a late starter to Judo I feel I have really progressed well at the club.
Adult member"
"My son was in the first ever ultimate judo class in Edinburgh. We was a very shy 5 year old boy. Being able to be coached by Gordon helped him to reach levels I never thought possible. It’s a community club. The children were his friends and the club his family. So proud to be apart of it from the very start.
He is now a rather tall and less shy 15 year old. He has so much more belief in himself. Great coaches and a truly fantastic club.

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