Shaun Scott


Name: shaun scott

Age started Judo: 5 years old

Favourite food: steak

Hobbies: judo, basketball, music production

Favourite throw: uchi mata

Best judo experience: my best judo experience is when I finally threw the people I never thought I would throw because I looked up to them, as a judoka, there judo is better than mine and that they are way bigger and stronger,

What do you like most about Judo?: what I like most about judo is that the club is like a second family, I know I could trust anyone with anything,

What do you like most about coaching at UJ?: what I like the most about coaching at UJ is seeing the young judokas progression over time, how much they improve there judo and seeing so many young people putting there mind to something, striving to be the best they can.

Favourite judo player?: George kerr

Favourite TV show? The walking dead

Judo goal: to earn my blackbelt through hard work

Life goal: to make it as a mechanical engineer,

Goal for outside of Judo: my goal for outside judo would have to be to always improve who I am,

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Quick contact:

07827 445 514

Shaun Scott

Jnr Coach