Gordon becomes Vice Chair

17 January 2023

Voted by the Board of Directors, Gordon is looking forward to the role and making a difference in Judo.

Gordon became a Director of Judo Scotland, the National Governing Body for Judo, in 2021 after being voted in by the membership. In that time so much has changed within Judo and Judo Scotland and Gordon has really enjoyed playing a small part. He is delighted by this new rule.

Here is what Judo Scotland has to say:

Gordon McCathie has been voted into the role of Vice-Chair by the Board at the December Board meeting. Serving on the Board for the past year, after being elected by the JudoScotland membership at the 2021 AGM, Gordon brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the role. 

Gordon commented “It is a great honour to be voted into the role of Vice-Chair. I genuinely think there is no better time, within the past 20 years, to be involved in JudoScotland. A strong professional relationship between, the Chair, CEO and Board is incredibly important for developing and growing the sport through positive change. Part of our legacy as the Board is to leave the sport and the organisation in better position, than when we join, and I hope to be held accountable to this task.”

We look forward to the direction and assistance to the Chair that Gordon will bring to the role.



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