More success in Judo Grand Prix event

22 June 2022

Just when I thought I was going to get to show off about my new medal, the competition team go and blow me out of the water with a display of courage, friendship, determination, and inspiration.

Saturday saw our students test themselves against Scotland's best at the Aberdeen sports village in the Granite City Grand Prix. In one of the 4 elite competitions in the Scottish Calendar, the Granite GP hosted competitors from across the country. We entered a group of 20 competitors ranging from 8 years to 40 plus. Each and every one of the team showed a warrior’s spirit and fought their hearts out. The coaching team and parents could not have been prouder or asked any more from you. 

For some, this was their first experience of competition, and they experienced an adrenaline surge for the first time. As a club, we encourage members to compete, to put themselves under a little pressure and step out of their comfort zones to help develop their mental strength and test what level their Judo is currently at. I felt everyone had a mature approach, prepared well and displayed nice Judo. It was nice to have several coaches mention they were impressed with some of our fighter’s spirit and the judo they displayed.

I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and left the hall stronger for having competed.  The comradery and team spirit were evident for everyone to see and we experienced the day as one family. We are proud of every single one of you, regardless of the result.



Shaun Scott

Keith Hobbs

Filip Cegar



Karl Eldridge

Tymon Siporski

Nathan Walker



Barbara de andres 

Liam Burke 

Ethan wood

Matthew cranna

Freddie Anderson

Lloyd Cameron

Greig porteous 

Alessandro scotti

Alex gros

Filip Cegar


Didn’t place this time

Edoardo Scotti

Cameron Stewart

Nurul Ali

Kentaro Atarashi

Campbell Murray 

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