Young team bring home the bling

24 November 2021

After the success of Shaun in the Scottish National Championships, Keith and Karl in the Scottish students championships over the last few weekends, it was our younger members turn at the Garioch Club championships.

Garioch 2021 medallists
With 250 competitors throughout the day, we saw some amazing Judo through all age groups 5-16 years.
Team Ultimate had 16 people competing, many for the first time and what a display of determination, nice technique, positive attitudes, courage and team spirit.
Gold for Cameron Stewart
Gold for Gregor Senff
Gold for Hubert Bry
Gold for Edoardo Scotti
Gold for Liam Burke
Gold for Raphael McCathie
Silver for Shaun Scott
Silver for Freddie Anderson
Silver for Matthew Cranna
Bronze for Filip Cegar
Bronze for Hannah Wade
Bronze for Tristan McCathie
Bronze for Alex Gros (plus a contender for throw of the day)
Bronze for Ryan Hobbs
Bronze for Hamish Rigg
Bronze for Finlay Rigg
Although Judo is an individual sport, its very much a team effort day in, day out in the dojo. Thank you to all the kids who helped prepare them for the competition. Once again myself, Abigael and Petar are so proud to see the kids push themselves out of their comfort zones, show fighting spirit, courage, nice judo and team spirit..... all with a huge smile throughout the day!
Well done!

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