Ultimate judo back in the press

23 June 2021

The club once again appeared in the Evening Express highlighting the positive restart after lockdown.

Since returning to the dojo, the club has grown rapidly and the attitudes of all our members has been inspiring. One of the highlights so far for me is seeing the higher grades in each class welcome our new members without being prompted, explaining about sanitising feet and helping them transition into the class. This is how a judo class should run, every person playing their part in the development of everyone else around them and this is happening from kids aged 5/6 all the way up to our adults. No ego, no feeling of working with others of a lower grade is beneath them. The team is only as strong as the weakest in it.

Really proud of what we have built. We continue to grow as a team.

Here's a link to the online article: 

Judo aberdeen club relishing return to dojo

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