January Review

08 February 2021

2021 wasn't the start we all hoped for after such a strong end of 2020 but we started strong and positive.

With the announcement from the Scottish Government that face to face classes would have to stop as the country was put back into lockdown, we took to zoom once again to keep training and keep the momentum made in 2020.

This time round has been different, the technology is not new or as intimidating for the students or coaches. We have better resources and content for sessions as we learn from our 2020 classes and work with other clubs to share ideas and experiences.

The attitudes of all our members from youngest to oldest has been brilliant. Some children are enjoying Judo 5 times per week and really seeing a vast improvement in movement, balance, speed and agility. More importantly, its great to see kids having fun and socialising through Judo.

Here is a snapshot of what we delivered during January:

  • 44 Zoom sessions taught.
  • 43 Individual lesson plans made to keep the progress
  • 845 new Youtube subscibers
  • 29,763 new youtube views
  • Over 60 hrs of classes
  • Seminar/webinar with Dr Jean Kanokogi from her home in New York, detailing the life and achievements of her mother Rusty Kanokogi, the lady who fought tirelessly to get female sport recognised and female Judo in the Olympics.

February is going to be even stronger with the start of zoom cafes for our older members to chat with eachother and have a laughand a free webinar with the Globetrotting Judoka, Morgan Girardeau of France.

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