Help for parents

08 February 2021

With schools hopefully returning in some form from 22nd February, we need to make sure we are all in the best possible mental health for the changes it brings.

This will bring changes in routine between kids going back under different rules, older siblings still at home, parents juggling work, home schooling and physical drop off etc and will no doubt put extra strains on all our mental healths. I am no expert in these things so I have been searching through websites and asking advice from people in the know. This website is one of the ones I came across and really has answers and advice for a wide range of things. Please take time to have a look and remember help and support is there for all of us.
A few parents have said that our zoom sessions are helping give them 30 minutes of much needed peace to catch up on house work, send the emails they never managed or just to chill with a cup of tea or G&T depending on the mood. If you have not tried the sessions yet, come on and give it a go. They are open to all ages and abilities and siblings can join in too. Take your well earned rest.
We also have adult sessions for our parents to work out and destress with your judo family.
If you have any ideas of what we can do as a club to help out, please email me and I will do my best to accommodate.
Stay strong, you are all doing an amazing job.

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