Latest update from Judo Scotland and the Scottish Government

24 October 2020

The Scottish government have now released their planned 5 Tier approach. Here's the latest statement from Judo Scotland. Currently we have no change needed for our classes.

JudoScotland Update: 23 October 2020: COVID-19 Scotland’s Strategic Framework
JudoScotland has noted the announcement by the First Minister earlier today, of a new, draft strategic framework to combat the coronavirus pandemic.
The move to a more strategic approach has been based on five levels of protection – ‘Tier 0’ to ‘Tier 4’ - each with graduated packages of measures to reduce transmission of the virus. These measures could be applied locally or nationally, according to the evolving patterns of COVID infection and transmission.
These proposals remain in draft at this stage, ahead of consultation and debate by the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 27 October.
It is proposed by the Scottish Government that this approach will provide a more easily understood framework for managing potential COVID-19 outbreaks and allow rapid but proportionate responses to be taken, either locally or nationally.
It would also allow individuals, families, businesses and services to better understand, anticipate, and prepare for the measures that might be introduced within their local area, as well as showing how protective measures can and will be eased where appropriate.
It is the intention of the Scottish Government to apply the new tiered level system from 2 November.
Following the announcement today, JudoScotland will be working with our partners at sportscotland and the Scottish Government on the potential implications arising for sport – and in particular for Judo-in-Scotland – leading into the Scottish Government debate and vote on Tuesday 27/10/20.
We will be looking to reach agreement and endorsement by sportscotland of revised guidance for member Clubs towards the end of next week, in advance of the new tiered system being (potentially) introduced on 2 November 2020.
JudoScotland members can continue to positively impact on the health and wellbeing of the nation through continuing to follow the guidance published by the Scottish Government to suppress the spread of the virus.

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