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18 September 2020

We are super excited to return to face to face Judo sessions.

For our members aged 4-11 years, Judo is as it was before lockdown. We dont have to socially distance and can do full contact Judo as we did before. Our class times have been reduced by 5 minutes in line with the advice from Sport Scotland for indoor kids sport.

12 - 17 years group is slightly different. We still have to socially distance but we use a mixture of Judo movements, fitness training and our Uchikomi bands which allow us to practice our techniques with resistance. They are brilliant trianing aids and we see a huge differnece in each students balance, strength, end shape and core stability for using them.

Seniors are the same as the 12-17. Working hard on fitness and technique we are using this time to correct bad habbits and get our footwork better.


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