Further training for reopening

08 July 2020

Last night Coach Gordon attended a zoom meeting with Judo Scotland staff, board of directors and member clubs to discuss plans for returning to the Dojo to ensure the best and safest return

Some very interesting points raised and amazing support shown between clubs. We are all still learning at this stage as restrictions/guidance is changing on a weekly basis. Hearing direct from Sport Scotland and our governing body Judo Scotland what we can and cant do is very reassuring as is having the ability to ask for clarification and guidance. Judo has always stood out as one of the most proactive of the governing bodies in Scotland, leading the way on many things including coach education. Now more than ever, I appreciate the tough conditions we as clubs and coaches are put under to show progression, maintain safe practice and clear direction.

Although it is still not time to return yet, we are geting ever closer and will have the full support of Sport Scotland, Judo Scotland and Public Health Scotland when we do. 

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