A Champions mindset Webinar

18 June 2020

We had the pleasure and honour of hosting a webinar lecture with Sensei Jimmy Pedro of USA.

Jimmy is without doubt one fo the top players and coaches of his generation. A World Champion in 1999, 4 x Olympian with 2 medals as well as medals from major competition world wide, Jimmy is also coach of double Olympic Champion Kayla Harrison , Olympic silver medallist Traveis Stevens, Bronze medallists Marti Malloy and Ronda Roussey.

Jimmy spent just over an hour talking to us about the importance of having a Champions mindset and use of visualisation, skills transferrable into everyting we do both on and off the tatami. He educated us on his beliefs on the importance of goal setting and planning.

The course was attended by various clubs and students from as far as Brasil and left everyone motivated, inspired and upbeat about coming out of these strange times positively and effectively.

This was a game changer to all in attendance.

Thank you Jimmy for taking the time to share your knowledge, philosophies and experiences with us.


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