Training with Japan

21 May 2020

During Lockdown our members and other judoka across Scotland participated in a special Judo session, hosted bu Ultimate Judo with Ex Japanese National Team member Michihiro Omigawa.

Sensei Omigawa, took a session for 164 members showing us what he and his dojo are doing during lockdown and home training. He took us through  multiple techniques which students can go through in their own time to keep progression during these strange times. Sensei very kindly answered some of our  questions relating to his Judo career, career in MMA (including matches in Pride and UFC) and his feelings and thoughts on what is happening at present. His answer to what is the best thing about Judo? was " Winning medals is an amazing feeling, but the best thing about Judo is worldwide friendship" He wants to use this time to share Judo with the world.

The session can be seen on our Youtube channel by clicking the link here:

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sensei Omigawa

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