Mental Health Awareness for Sport

19 February 2020

Ultimate Judo have undergone training in Mental health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity.

1 in 4 people in the UK experience mental health problems each year. These range is complexity and severity but play a huge part in the persons day to day life. Sport and exercise is widely regarded as a way of helping reduce some mental health symptoms. Head coach Gordon McCathie has just completed a course on Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity. Whilst we know we are no experts, we feel it is important to complete such courses to raise our knowledge and awareness in order to help spot the tell the tale signs and offer the best support for our members and families. By better understanding some of the conditions and symptoms, we can tweek our classes to support individuals and try ot ensure maximum impact from our sport.

Our other coaches will soon complete the same course.

We would like to remind all our members, that the club is here for anyone who thinks they may be exeriencing mental health problems.   It's ok to not be ok.

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