Kodokan Coach visits The North East

21 March 2019

Kodokan instructor Ogata Naoki returned to the mats at Stonehaven whilst in the UK with his family.

Members from our clubs in Stonehaven, Banchory and Newtonhill were treated to an impromptu masterclass on Thursday 21st March at Mackie Academy, our Stonehaven base. Naoki Ogata is a 5th Dan Kodokan black belt who spent a year living in Stonehaven in 2004 under the watchful eye of Stonehavens founder, Sensei Ian Guthrie, 7th Dan.

Naoki was in the UK on business and managed to “come home” for a couple of days to the North East with his family. He covered some nice ashiwaza drills and his favourite technique “tai-otoshi” as well as some “yoko shiho gatame” specifics to help improve the kids technical understanding of newaza (groundwork).

The Stonehaven club and Ultimate Judo Aberdeen have a strong link with the Kodokan in Tokyo and other Japanese clubs and schools established through our frequent visits.

Everyone who attended, from children to coaches, left inspired and with things to work on to help their Judo jouneys.

Havng friends across the world through Judo is just one of the many reasons to take this amazing Martial art up. 

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