Stonehaven Judo Club Annual Awards 2017

20 December 2017

Stonehaven Judo Club held their annual awards ceremony in November 2017 with a special session led by club founder Ian Guthrie, 7th Dan

Stonehaven Judo held their annual award ceremony on Saturday 18th November. Both classes were merged for the day so that the session could be led by the club’s founder and president, Ian Guthrie (7th Dan). Ian retired from full time coaching in 2012 (although he still helps assist with the Ultimate Judo senior class on a Wednesday) and the club was taken over by its current head coach, Stuart. The awards are given out to the Most Improved Female Player and the Most Improved Male Player and are named after the club’s original coaches, Jessie Hutcheon and Ian Guthrie.

This year’s award winners were:

The Jessie Hutcheon Memorial Award for Most Improved Female Judoka: Lia Wilson

The Ian Guthrie Award for Most Improved Male Judoka: Hubert Bryczek

Well odne to everyone in the club who made the decision a tough one for the coaches.



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