George Kerr autobiography cover

This is an A4 hard back book with over 260 full glossy pages crammed with stories of George's journey in Judo from humble beginnings to his awards from Her Majesty the Queen and the emperor of Japan. This is a great read and story of commitment and passion in sport.

Sensei Kerr has lived, studied and trained in Japan, Won 4 European medals, captained Great Britain at events across the world, coached the first Double Olympic Champion as coach of Austria, been a member of various boards globally and is one of only two people in the world to hold an International Judo Federation 10th Dan, making him one of only five people world wide to have a 10th Dan from Kodokan or the IJF. He has received awards from varius awarding bodies such as the Edinburgh Award from the City of Edinburgh, CBE from her majesty the Queen, The Order of the Rising Sun frpm the Emperoro of Japan and an honorary doctorette from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. In this book , George talks about all of the above and so much more, the friendships he has made with people from all over the world including the special frinedship with Tokai University in Japan.