Lloyd Cameron


Name: Lloyd Cameron

Age started Judo: 7

Favourite food: Chicken/paneer curry

Hobbies: Traditional drawing, Calisthenics, Character design, 3d art

Favourite throw: O-uchi gari

Best judo experience: My trip to Japan with other members of the club, we got to experience judo in japan such as meeting judo legend Koga Sensei and visiting the kodokan, the first judo dojo, it was an incredible experience and I am grateful to everyone who made it possible.

What do you like most about Judo?: I like how Judo teaches us a good way of life aswell as providing an excellent physical activity where you can learn and test your skills against others without serious injury.

What do you like most about coaching at UJ?: I really enjoy the dojo/family atmosphere in UJ and I like watching the students grow as Judoka and people.

Favourite judo player?: My Sensei, Gordon Macathie and world champion, Ono Shohei

Favourite TV show?: Still Game

Judo goal: To excel in teaching, knowledge and competition

Life goal: Fulfillment within myself and helping others achieve their goals

Goal for outside of Judo: To excel as a teacher and creator in 3d and traditional art.

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Lloyd Cameron

Jnr Coach