Dominic Halliday

Name: Dominic Halliday

Age started Judo: 6

Favourite food: Lasagne

Hobbies: Judo, BMXing, drama, explorers
Favourite throw: Harai goshi

Best judo experience: Going to Japan with the club

What do you like most about Judo?: The inclusiveness that everyone in the club shares

What do you like most about coaching at UJ?: Helping out the younger children and helping them progress

Favourite judo player?: Neil Adams

Favourite TV show? Invincible

Judo goal: To keep moving forward with my Judo experience

Life goal: To get a career in computing science

Goal for outside of Judo: To get a Nissan 350z


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Quick contact:

07827 445 514

Coach Dominic

Jnr coach Dominic Halliday