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I would like to become a member of The Judo Academy 50/50 Club.

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Please set up your standing order for £5/month per number and enter the reference number below:

50/50 Club Rules

  1. The Club shall be known as the Judo Academy 50/50 Club. 
  2. All money raised will go into a separate treasurers account for The Judo Academy and is totally separate from Ultimate Judo.
  3. 50% of the monthly income shall be distributed as prize money, 50% will be used to benefit the Academy. 
  4. A prize draw shall be made during the first week of each month. 
  5. Each number purchased will cost £5 per month. This should be paid via standing order to the Judo Academy Bank Account. Any member who falls into arrears shall forfeit their membership and shall not be eligible for the prize draw that month. 
  6. Notice of each month’s winner will appear on Facebook, our website www.ultimatejudo.co.uk (Academy section) and emailed to all entrants. 
  7. The decisions of the Judo Academy committee shall be final on any matter requiring adjudication. The Committee members shall have the power to amend these rules at their discretion. 
  8. Each member shall be given a number per £5 and will be entered into each draw (so long as the fees are paid). 
  9. The draw shall be recorded via mobile phone and witnessed by a class of students or group of parents (2 or more).

Quick contact:

07827 445 514